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    Faction Leader Guidelines

    Last Revised: November 27th, 2016
    1. Usage of Resources
    Factions are, at times, given access to integral parts of the server. For example, illegal factions can get access to the weapon and drug supply chains depending on how their faction is structured and how they contribute to earning such a privilege. Conversely, legal factions can get access to faction lockers with free armor and weapons. Such resources are to be used properly and never abused in a way which could intentionally harm the server or community. This includes stockpiling weapons or drugs for later use. In the case of stockpiling, all offenders will be banned according to their warning level.

    Legal factions such as the Blaine County Sheriff's Office must use appropriate force in situations. Normally, excessive force can be dealt with on an in-character level however gross misuse of force and abuse of authority will be handled on an administrative level.

    2. Membership
    It is considered a privilege to be a member of any faction. At the will of the leadership, a member may be removed from a non-government faction at any time provided there is in-character justification. Exceptions can be made by the Head of Factions. In the case of government factions, the leadership may remove a member for in-character or out-of-character reasoning, provided that the reasoning is justified. At the discretion of the Head of Factions, a person may be barred (either temporarily or permanently) from joining a particular faction, or barred from joining any factions at all.

    3. Leadership
    It is considered a privilege to be a leader of any faction. At the discretion of Faction Management, a leader may be removed or replaced in any faction. Faction Leaders in illegal factions must have justified reasons for promoting, demoting, and appointing members in their factions and such reasoning may not be out-of-character. Before appointing any person into a command or management role, approval for such an appointment must be gained from the Head of Factions. Appointment into the Faction Leader (i.e. Department Chief, Sheriff, etc.) position for any faction shall require approval of the Head Admin team.

    Leadership in government factions may not be corrupt except with out-of-character permission of the Head of Factions.

    4. Realism and Immersion
    Factions are expected to contribute to the realistic atmosphere in the roleplay canon. As such, continuing backgrounds from previous servers is not permitted as such stories are not canon in this roleplaying environment. Factions are expected to behave realistically and to immerse others in realistic roleplay. Factions are expected to prioritize roleplaying over item/money gains.

    5. Forced Character Kills
    Illegal factions may, at times, force members to agree to a forced character kill if certain in-character expectations are violated. These expectations are to be reasonable and killing should always be used as a last resort. Forced Character Kills must be agreed to between the member and the faction itself in private message form on the main Blaine County Roleplay forums. The message should be archived for future reference if needed by faction management. This permission expires (and may be renewed) when the faction itself closes down for any period of time longer than a week, or is closed down by faction management.

    6. Multiple Faction Participation
    Individuals wishing to hold any sort of command in more than one faction must get approval by the Head of Factions. Approvals must be submitted in written form via PM to the Head of Factions explaining why such individual wants to maintain command in more than one faction, how such individual intends to maintain appropriate command in each faction, and what benefits such individual can provide by holding command positions in each faction. Command positions are positions higher than entry-level in any faction and is up to the discretion of the Head of Factions.

    7. Variations of Groups
    Factions may not be created which are intended to bend or break the rules, or which are intended to encourage others to break the rules. Terroristic hate groups (i.e. the KKK, etc.) cannot be created without the permission of the Head of Factions, and must provide sensible roleplay at all times. Additionally, groups focused around killing (i.e. hitman / assassination groups) are not permitted without the approval of the Head of Factions.

    8. Enforcement
    Any faction which violates these rules or, as a group, violates or conspires to violate server rules shall face punishment in the form of removal of any granted privileges as well as suspension of faction rights for a specified period of time (or indefinite suspension). At the discretion of the Head of Factions, a faction may be suspended or closed. During a suspension, members of the faction are not permitted to roleplay in that faction.
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