Smuggled Weapons and Drugs for Gangs / Factions

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    Smuggled Weapons and Drugs for Gangs / Factions

    Last Revised: January 7th, 2017
    1. What is a Smuggler?
    Smugglers are individual players who have been invited by the Head of Factions to assist in the control of weapons. Smugglers have access to a special job which allows them to distribute weapons and drugs to other players. Our inventory system currently supports "disassembled weapons" which players can distribute between each other. Smugglers are the ones who order these weapons and drugs from overseas suppliers (i.e. the Head of Factions). In essence, smugglers are the top of the distribution chain.

    2. How do I become a Smuggler?
    You don't. Smugglers are invite-only and are heavily based on faction involvement. If you are selected to become a smuggler based on your faction's performance, you will be contacted by the Head of Factions and given the ability to order drugs or weapons on a weekly basis.

    3. How does my gang get guns or drugs?
    Factions can get guns through in-character connections. Smugglers can create their connections however they like and distribute guns how they like. Smugglers are not permitted to stockpile, so the guns always keep moving in the system. Factions which need certain supplies can get them from smugglers or other connections.

    4. Official Factions
    Official factions which have earned the right to distribution may have multiple smugglers, or a single one. Factions may earn access to drug and weapon smuggling, or one of them, or neither. Everything is dependent on the activity and development of the faction. For example, if the faction doesn't roleplay developing around drug distro they won't get access to distribute drugs as the top of the chain.
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    If you want to be considered for these roles, you'll need to post screenshots of your roleplay on the forums. This makes it much easier for me to evaluate the progress of each faction as we progress. Make sure to post key scenes as well as normal, day to day roleplaying. I don't want to see scripted roleplay, I want to see real moments.
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    We should probably archive this if it no longer applies.
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