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    Are you a potential faction leader looking to lead your own government faction on Blaine County Roleplay? We support potential faction leaders wholly, and we want to help you develop your idea to the fullest idea it can possibly be. If your idea is selected, we may select you to lead the faction as well. Follow this quick reference to maximize the chances of your suggestion being approved.

    How will the faction work?
    Give us a quick summary (100 words) of how things will work in your faction, and how it will be structured. Then, explain everything in greater detail. Your summary should be separate so we can read it over quickly and get the idea, then go back and read the details later on.

    How will it work with currently-existing systems?
    Take a look at the way the server is currently structured. Will your faction work as-is or will massive changes need to be made in order to make it work?

    What will the faction provide to its members? What will it provide to everyone else?
    Explain how the faction makes a good contribution to the community at-large by providing wholesome, fun roleplay for both its members and for a large part of the community. For example, a sanitation faction might be fun for its members but it wouldn't really provide much for everyone else outside the faction (so it likely wouldn't get approved).

    List of Government Factions Needed
    - Fire Department / Medical Services
    - Police Department
    - City Government

    We are not currently looking to expand a court system. We will be implementing some community features to replace that sort of system, though.
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    So correct me if I am wrong.... But there are several "towns" within Blaine County, are there going to be any need for town police departments or will the town boundaries be patrolled by the BCSO?
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    In the interest of simplifying the government structure, the BCSO will be the only police faction at server launch.

    In the future, if we have the players to support it, I could see separate police departments per-town.

    Basically, the way it's going to be role played at server launch is the town governments all have contracted police services with the BCSO similar to how many towns in LA County contract police services through the LASD
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    Is the FD and EMS separate or are you looking for a combined FD which handles medical calls?
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    Combined FD/EMS for now, and perhaps in the future break it into separate entities. Would be cool to have private ambulance companies - in fact, the faction system in making actually will have a flag like "can faction receive ambulance calls".
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    oh dear a PAC

    euphoria tho
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    I do think it'd be better to separate fire and ems due to the townships. Most townships where I live do this and it works. And it'll solve the issue of "I wanna do medical rp but not fire".
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    So which are you looking to do? Just EMS? Just Fire?
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    Just EMS, allow someone else to do the fire. Most of the rual areas split up fire/ems anyway or contract with a private ambulance service such as MedStar or AMR. Cities like LA allow the LAFD to handle both.
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    Alright - just lay out your plan and submit a proper proposal.
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